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the Macnab Challenge

The UK’s premier

estate for achieving a Macnab.

A Brace of Grouse, a Stag and a Salmon on the

Fly – all in one day

" Gannochy is the UK’s premier estate for achieving Macnabs.  In recent years our guests have achieved more Macnabs than the total of all other estates in England and Scotland combined.  "


Gannochy is a well-balanced estate, with equal attention being given to management of the river, moorland, hills and lowland. So catch your salmon before breakfast, quickly shoot your brace of grouse over a first-rate pointer and then you still have  time to stalk and shoot a fine stag.

The tradition of Macnab at Gannochy started on the 12th August 2004.


The new owner, Allan Hemmings, had enjoyed a very successful first day on the grouse moors with David Clement and a couple of pointers. At 6 p.m. he came down to the river to see how his fishing guests had fared. As he arrived at the fishing hut he saw a salmon move in Dalforth Pool.  He promptly grabbed a rod and a few minutes later was landing a fiesty 8lb fish.

He thought that was sufficient for the day until his friends pointed out a herd of Stags on the skyline behind him.   After a successful stalk and long after dark, he eventually joined the guests at dinner – and the tradition of the Gannochy Macnab was born.


Since then many  have repeated his success, often on the first day of the grouse season.

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