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The team at Gannochy are committed to enhancing all the wildlife on the estate.  Game and Wildlife are viewed holistically, each playing a part in the rich variety of species living in the glen.  Every winter a proportion of the old heather on the moor is burned in strips which creates open areas, helping the wildlife to dry out after rain.  As the heather grows back over the years this regular burning creates a mosaic of varying habitats in which small animals and birds can feed, nest and shelter from predators.

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is a charity that undertakes research into the countryside and its wildlife.  It’s aim is to ensure that our natural resources are better managed through scientific understanding and it’s reports help landowners, farmers and government bodies make their decisions on the best available factual evidence.  The Trust has a close relationship with Gannochy Estate and helps with the counting and disease monitoring of our grouse and other wildlife.

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