Gannochy estate lies at the heart of the world-famous Glen Esk with some of the oldest rock formations in the world.


The North Esk river runs through the centre of the Estate for approximately five miles and offers some of Scotland’s finest wild salmon fly fishing water. The river has recently been given Grade 1 status.

50 yrs ago the 'Gannochy Punchbowl' was one of Scotland’s best known driven grouse moors. Today, careful management is restoring the moors and woodlands for the benefit of all wildlife.



We have a low ground driven pheasant shoot where quality takes priority. Several drives have been created in stunning scenery.


The Gannochy beats offer fishing on over 20 named pools and a wide variety of surging depths of the gorges to the serene Dalforth Pool.



The Estate has its own kennel of English Pointers taken to the hill to hunt grouse several days each week for much of the season.



Gannochy is the UK’s premier estate for achieving Macnabs.  In recent years our guests have achieved more Macnabs than the total of all other estates in England and Scotland combined.



Most of the Red Stags contained on the estate are shot as part of a Macnab, something that we specialize in. We also offer Hind and Roe Deer stalking.

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