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Grouse over Pointers


Allan Hemmings and David Clement have made extensive use of pointers for improving and managing the grouse at Gannochy When grouse stocks were at an all-time low the dogs were used for counting the breeding pairs and coveys, so management could focus on the areas of greatest need.  The grouse stocks were steadily built up through vermin control, extensive heather burning, control of ticks with treated sheep and intensive deer management.
In the early years  pointers were used to selectively thin out the oldest cock grouse.  Old grouse both dominate a wide territory and carry a large worm burden. For five seasons a highly experienced team of guns shot only the old cocks from each covey seen and counted.  This created space for the younger birds to breed and resulted in a healthier stock. Today at Gannochy walked-up grouse over pointers and setters is still the preferred way of managing grouse numbers.

Carrie – UK Champion of Champions, points a covey on The Punchbowl