An Exceptional Estate in The Scottish Glens
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Low Ground Shooting

Having restored the moors, our efforts are now turning to the woodland, valleys and birch groves. We have a thriving population of Blackgame. The males can regularly be seen lekking in several areas, particularly in the spring mating season. The Woodcock regularly arrive in November and December.  Special areas have been cleared and improved to encourage the growth of traditional birch woodlands.  The trees and light undergrowth provide a haven for these mystical birds as they  pass through on their annual migration.
We  have a good wild population of  Pheasant and  English Partridge.  In the past these have been seen on our mixed rough-shooting days over the estate farmland.  We are now augmenting them with reared birds released into woodlands adjacent to the river valleys and gorges, where they offer spectacular drives which can equal the best in Scotland or England. Ducks, Geese and Snipe are regular visitors to the river, ponds and marshy areas.  There is also superb Pigeon Flighting when the wind is strong and the birds keep low.
THE FIELD MAGAZINE has Featured Gannochy as one of the Top 50 Shoots in the UK.

The Field June-2013